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Upgrade Schedule:

June 17, 2021: 1.1
July 15, 2021: 1.2.5
Future updates have not been scheduled yet. Current dates may change.

We have a discord server! You can join thru the widget below.

Welcome to Consilio!

Consilio is a Minecraft server with the goal of starting from Minecraft 1.0 and upgrading to the next major version every month or so.

Bulliten: May 26, 2021

Welcome to the website! Nothing too fancy, but it works.

Consilio Bulliten

May 26, 2021

Welcome to the website! Nothing too fancy, but it works.

May 23, 2021


Discord: Join the discord server here.
Telegram: @rluxvevo

Contact Form

Got griefed?

Getting griefed sucks. Luckily, it is easy to get the damage rolled back. Just fill out the form below and an admin will remove the grief and punish the griefer ASAP!

Consilio Rules

1. Do not cheat.

This means using hacked clients or other exploits to give you an unfair advantage.

2. Do not grief.

Griefing is prohibited. If you grief, you will be punished. Do not grief other people's builds. Do not break roads, railways, or other transport builds. Taking items from unprotected chests is allowed.

3. Do not spam.

Don't flood the chat with garbage/repeat the same message over and over, and don't advertise.

4. Do not intentionally lag the server.

Building lag machines/using exploits to slow down or crash the server will result in a ban.

Even if a rule isn't listed here, listen to an admin if they tell you something isn't allowed.


Report a grief

Server rules

Consilio runs off of my own equipment, so there is no monthly bill to pay. However, donations to help cover maintenance, upgrades, and internet/power would be appreciated. I won't force you to donate, and you won't be at a disadvantage if you decide not to donate. You can donate any amount you like, and you will recieve a gold name in chat.